Umugoroba w’Umuryango: Réseau des Femmes disseminates Laws and Policies on GBV in Gasabo district.

On 19th February 2023, Réseau des Femmes Oeuvrant pour le Dévelopment Rural (Réseau des Femmes) in partnership with UNWomen through the project ‘Empower & Include’ attended Umugoroba w’Umuryango Forum in Gasabo district, Kinyinya sector, Kagugu and Murama cells to disseminate laws and policies that protect women and girls against GBV.

It is in line with the Organization’s main objective of doing awareness on gender based Violence (GBV) at the community level, including explaining all forms of GBVs, laws and policies related to GBV.

During the dialogue conducted by Réseau des femmes, participants shared different experiences about the achievements, challenges and the way forward to fight Gender Based Violence in their respective community.

Among the challenges, participants mentioned violence committed into their homes where the victims of GBV do not denounce the perpetrator.

As said Mrs Angelique, one of the residents of Kagugu cell, the violence includes physical, sexual, mental and economic.

Regarding that attitude, the community facilitators from Réseau des Femmes encouraged the residents to break the silence, as a way of eliminating all forms of GBVs and urges them to report GBV cases to local authorities for assistance.

Speaking at the occasion, Mr Felix, a resident of Murama cell, said: “the dialogue has been helpful because we ameliorate our knowledge and attitudes about laws and Policies to protect our families especially women and girls against GBV”.

Réseau des Femmes in collaboration with local leaders is interested  continuing to facilitate the dialogue in Umugoroba w’Umuryango Forum, as a safe space to allow men, women and children to gain access to critical information about their rights in order to build a Wellbeing Family.

Group photo with some participants in umugoroba w’umuryango in Murama cell