The following services have been created in order to give a technical and organizational to members in their provinces in the framework of the Réseau des Femmes strategies.

The Executive Secretary: in charge of coordinating the day to day activities of the organization across the country.

The Information and Documentation service: since 1990, the service was put in place to coordinate the communication and information actions in the organization.

The Forum for consultants: with skills, knowledge and expertise of its members, the service was set up in 1991 to provide the technical support to members and to carry out the research in order to give the information of reference. This service is also in charge of giving the support during the project design on behalf of the structures supported by the members at Province level. The consultants in this forum may help to respond to external needs in term of trainings focusing on gender and related topics.

The Training service: this was set up in 1995 and is in charge of supporting the organization in training members, beneficiaries and where needed other organizations in strengthening the capacity and the integration of gender in the special programmers.

The Provincial permanencies: established in order to do the regular follow up of gender integration in the decentralized entities at organization level.