Rainworkers urged to talk about Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights

From 1st March 2023, Réseau des Femmes Oeuvrant pour le Dévelopemment Rural (Réseau des Femmes) in partenship with AMIE Canada is conducting a training of Rainworkers on Sexual Reproductive Health and Right (SRHR).

During four days, the training will be providing rainworkers with knowledge and skills to help them to mobilise and to sensitise young people on Sexual Reproductive Health and Right in Gasabo district.

According to Xaverine Uwimana, the Legal Representative of Réseau des Femmes, adolescents should have access to accurate SRHR information, contraceptive methods, prevention and management of STIs and HIV services, and counselling. She urged the rainworkers to have more dialogue with adolescents on sexual and reproductive health to improve their wellbeing.

On her side, one of the participants, Aline Ingabire said: « this training is very important because it will help us to equip young people in our respective community with knowledge and skills to make responsible choices for their lives”.