The Organization is composed of:

  • Founder members: are signatories of the former statutes.
  • Adhered members: are those who would have accepted the Statutes and accepted after a written application by the General Assembly. Honorary members attend the General Assembly but with no right to vote. The founder and adhered members are effective members of the Organization.
  • Honorary members: are all physical and moral persons whom the General Assembly will give that title in recognition of their special and appreciable services rendered to the Organization. Honorary members can advise but they cannot vote for take any decision.

The quality of the adhered member is recognized to all women of whom the demand of adherence has been accepted by the competent organ of Réseau des Femmes Oeuvrant pour le Développement Rural.
The quality of honorary member may be conferred to all person who actively contribute to sustain even by moral, by activities or by financial and support the gender vision.
To adhere to the Réseau des Femmes Oeuvrant pour le Développement Rural, all interested woman addresses a written demand to the Provincial Coordination of Réseau des Femmes Oeuvrant pour le Développement Rural of the Province in which she has her/its residence.
The honorary members are selected at Provinces level.
The valid list of fully registered members per Province are known within the 3rd quarter of the year under Provincial assembly and yearly presented to the National Coordination Committee.
Members’ admission criterias are defined by the Rules of internal order.

Mukansoro Odette
Mukandayobotse Patricia
Kanakuze Jeanne
Mukasarasi Goliva
Mukasine Béatrice
Niragire Bellancilla
Mukasekuru Donatille
Nzamugurinka Agnes
Ingabire Marie
Mukashema Adelphine
Mukakamali Goretti
Kabagwira Athanasie
Uwimana Xavérine
Mukankubito Emérence
Mukarumongi Priscille
Muteteri Caritas
Kantarama Godelive
Uwingabiye Aline
Mukamisha Leoncie
Uwagirimana Clothilde
Mukesha Laurence
Mukabarere Gaudance
Murerwa Illuminee
Kigeli Grace
Ugirase Bisabo Joseé
Mukantwali Janviere
Mukarugomwa Agnes
Kabera Ivette
Kadinga Elisabeth
Mukabagira Leoncie
Ujeneza Delphine
Mukantabana Cresence
Musengimana Odette
Busasa Beata
Mukobwajana Florence
Izabiriza M.Mediatrice
Uwimana Jacqueline
Mukeshimana Laurence
Mukamuhashyi Valerie
Nyirabarinda Verena
Musabyeyezu Landrada
Uwamahoro Marguerite
Mukamukama Geradithe
Batamuliza Salama
Nibagwire Sandrine
Munyarubuga Aline
Mukashema Clementine
Abiyingoma Olive
Umulisa Vestine
Nirere Marie Denyse
Mamamukali Xavera
Mpenzi Eudosie