I am trusted and have Self-confidence: MUTUMWINKA Clarisse

MUTUMWINKA Clarisse, 19, lives in RwamaganaDistrict, Muhazi sector, Nyarusange cell, Plage village. Born in family of 11 children; from 3 years old she was raised at her aunt and returned home at the age of ten years.

When she come back, it was not easier for both parents to meet at home because bothparents are pastors in different churches, therefore having different programs. It was very difficult even impossible forClarisse’s parent to find appropriate time to seat with parent and have discussion with parentson reproductive health which would be good for her to acquire knowledge on avoiding unwanted pregnancy.

Clarisse declared” in 2015 I was in Ruhunda school, in GishariSector,RwamaganaDistrict leaving with my parents in my mother’s church house. Inside thecompound, we had neighbors and one of them was a boy of 27-years-old who always told me about love and few months later he told me that he is seek and I went to visit him- that was an opportunity for him to convince me that he loves me and I slept with him and got pregnant.”

When Clarisse knew that she is pregnant, she immediately informed the boy, and this advised her to abort and she refused to do so, and the boy disappeared few days later. In additional to this, Clarisse was also forced by her parents to abort and for this time,she was sent to her sister in Kigali.

“My parents sent me to my sister in Kigali who at this end forced me to take drugs to abort and at this time I decided to leave my sister’s home and join my brother family located at NYAGASAMBU, Fumbwe sector, Rwamagana District where I stayed until I gave birth” Clarisse professed.

After giving birth, thinking that coming back home will help her to get family’s support to care of her child but it was instead worse because she was hated and isolated by the entire family and got no parentssupport.

Clarisse’s parents well selected to attending GBV, child rights training’s provided by Réseau des Femmes, they approached her and accepted to integrate her in the family, and it is from then she started to get family support on raising her children.

“Lessons acquired from training’s by my parents, supported me a lot because currently I’m no longer stigmatized. Even though my kid’s father has disappeared, my kid is loved by my parents and if my baby is sick, my parents do whatever needed to take him to health center for treatment.

“All members of my family are taking care of myself and my kid, indeed, my father has sent me back to finish my studies and get entire family support and encouragement in my studies. I have promised my parents to never fall in the second error and I will focus on success in my studies “declare Clarisse. The URI NYAMPINGA project has united Clarisse with parents and her siblings build in her the confidence and bright vision.

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